How to choose a good tv-stand corner

The choice of a modern bedside table for a TV is quite a responsible moment and not only to create a cozy atmosphere in the room, but also for convenience when watching TV.

Correctly selected bedside table will complement the stylish interior with its color solution and the material from which it is made, as well as advantageously shade the TV, with the right color. For example, if the living room interior is made of high-tech, a nightstand made of glass or plastic is suitable, while chrome-plated metal elements can be used.

Choice of tv stand corner

In the furniture of the room, executed in a classical style, the bedside table made of natural wood that will last long enough or a night table made of MDF or chipboard, as a cheaper option, will perfectly fit. When choosing a nightstand, you should check the quality of the hardware, the strength of the fasteners and the countertop, on which you can place even a massive stereo technique, as this will primarily depend not only on practicality, but also on the durability in use. The curbstone can be of any shape: rectangular, semicircular or square, of an abstract shape, but its dimensions must be taken into account, which should be larger than the TV itself.

In this case, the combination: TV stand-TV will be stable and safe, which is important, especially if the house has children. It is not necessary to install a home theater subwoofer on the cradle, heavy speakers that with their vibrations have a negative effect on the TV.

The height of the product is determined depending on the preferences of people who will watch TV and if it is supposed to watch it on the couch or in the chair, then the height of fifty centimeters will be optimal. If spectators prefer to be placed on the floor, then the pedestal should be located lower so that there is no overload of the cervical spine.

Types of modern TV stand tables

The TV can be placed on any pedestal, but it is better to use a cube-chest, which combines a stand for TV, speakers and other equipment. In drawers and on the shelves of such a chest you can place disks, a headset, fold magazines and many necessary things. Especially popular today is a pedestal-rack, equipped with a special bracket, with which you can fix the TV, and then change its position in the right direction. Such fastening is the most durable and safe. With a small area of ​​the room is an excellent option is a corner cabinet, which can be installed in the corner, significantly saving space. The bedside table can be hanging, then the space saving will be maximum, but such a product can not withstand heavy loads, it can be mobile with wheels, then you should choose a more reliable mounting of the TV.

tv stand corners